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Ancient Of China

The Imperial Pyramids of- China?

One of the Tangut tombs found in China
Visitors to the Helan Mountains in Yinchuan, China may have noticed strange, pyramid-shaped structures rising from the earth. These are some of the only remnants of the Tangut Empire that was exterminated by the Mongols in 1227 CE.
Although there are over 200 tombs of varying sizes, only nine of them belonged to members of the Imperial family. The tomb complexes were originally covered with glazed green tiles but in many cases, the tiles were pulled off and the tombs were cracked open. This was part of the campaign to exterminate the Tangut Empire that was carried out by Genghis Khan’s descendents.
The Tanguts were a fairly advanced people. The empire was founded in 982 CE, under the rulership of Li Deming. In 1038, Li Yuanhao (also known as Emperor Jingzong) commanded that a Tangut system of writing needed to be created and, after this was accomplished, then ordered that Chinese classics should be translated into that writing system. It took fifty years for the Chinese Buddhist canon to be translated into Tangut. Over time, the Empire developed an organized and efficient military and also became quite advanced in art, literature, architecture and music.
The Tanguts also had a strict legal system especially where religion was concerned. It was believed that the Tanguts were Buddhist, although there may have been some people who followed Confucianism as well. A person who wanted to teach was required to be screened by state officials and receive approval from local authorities before he was able to teach in the Tangut Empire. Charlatans and fortune-tellers in particular were persecuted by the authorities.

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Travel guide of the lost city

Indus Valley Pakistan
Abu Simbel Egypt
Memphis Egypt
Thebes and Luxor Egypt
Xi'an China
Afamia Syria
Palmyra Syria
Ugarit Syria
Athens Greence
Epidaurus Greece
Olympia Greece
Sparta Greece
Chichen Itza, Yucatan Mexico
Uxmal, Yucatan Mexico 
Monte Alban Mexico
Palenque Chiapas Mexico
Teotihuacan Mexico (Aztech)
Elephantine Island, Aswan
Ellora, Maharastra India
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh India
Nalanda Bihar India
Lothal, Gujarat India
Sravasti Uttar Pradesh India
Ephesus Turkey
Hierapolis Turkey
Priene Turkey
Troy Turkey
Jerash Jordan
Petra Jordan
Machu Picchu Peru (inca)
Sicily Italy

Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco











If pyramids were more than difficult to create several thousand years ago, then how much more difficult would it have been to build Puma Punku? 

Here is the short intruduction of Puma punky ruins, Puma Punku are one of four structures in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco. Another three structure are The Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple.

It is highly unlikely that any of the stones in Puma Punku were cut using ancient stone cutting techniques, at least not those that we are aware of.  Puma Punku are made up of granite, and diorite, and the only stone that is harder that those two, is the diamond. If the people who built this place cut these stones using stone cutting techniques, then they would had to have used diamond tools. 

Not only were these stones really hard to cut, but they are also extremely heavy. One of these stone ruins weighs in at about 800 tons! These are gogantic stones, and they are really heavy. The nearest quarry is at least 10 miles away from the site of the ruins.I really do not understand how in the world did these people move these blocks that weighed many tons, and how were they able to form a structure with them?



The Nazca Lines were created by between 400 and 650 AD

My opinion
However I never been there before, but I have some basic question remind deep in my heart. Why the Nazca lines never been covered by sandstorm or just a layer of dust after thousand of years? Do someone go clean up the dust out of our radar? There are some scholar went there and experiment by creating their own Nazca line, but within a month or a year the line gradually and end up bury by the sand.

Ancient Allies Season 1 Episod 00 

---(first season nouns)---
1)Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first man on moon
3)NAZCA desert of PERU(countless geomentric pattern overthere) (the lines look like air stripe)
  NAZCA= the place with a lot raw materials like gold, uranium, just like a cliffnotes of planet earth
4)Giant metal bird god (remote island belief on indonesia)
5)Holy Bible The Old Testament
6)Book of Ezekiel (consist of four-face winged creatures)
7)Joseph Blumrich (senior chief engineer at NASA in charge of Mariner spaceship)
8)Biblical text
9)Enoch in (apocryphy texts) (Books of enoch) (taken by gods for 300 years)
11)Indian Sanskrit epics of india
A) Vimanas (Rukma Vimana (100feet tall) airship)
B)Bhagavata purana (sanskrit)
C)King named Shol'va (piloted spaceship,have motion of butterfly)
D)Mahabarata (war)
F)The Ramayana

----(stone carving and drawing on ancient cave) around the world or artifact----
12)Cave of Italy
13)Sego Canyon,Utah (US) (pictoglyphs)
14) Kimberley Australia
15) Guatemala city 
16) Columbia (thousands of tomb artifacts)
17)Istanbul museum (have headless spaceman)

---Mexico---- (Mayan Vanished around 500 A.D)
18)Pyramid of Palenque (Mayan) (7 tons of Sarcophagus) of Palenque 7th century ruler:LORD PAKAL(giant)

19) Piri Reis(1531) 16th century turkish almirant (Discovered In 1929,world map painted onto a piece of gazelle)  (made during Antarctica was ice free)
20) Cuzco
22)Pyramid Giza (2,560 BC) (build by 9 second per stone, if complete in 22 years) and (built to store knowledge 300 books)
23)Saurit Pharaoh (same as a hebrew community call Enoch)
24) Joseph Seiss (1877) author and theologian (the pyramid at the intersection of the longest line of latitude and the longest line of longitud) and (each four side aligns almost precisely,with the point of the compas)
25)Teotihuacan (On mexico City of the God___ 2000 years) near Pyramid of the Sun (Aztech)
26)Pyramid of the Sun,Pyramid of the Moon
27)Eastern Island (800 stone guardians called Moai)
28)Moai (watch over the islands coast line)
29)Tiwanaku (Bolivia)
30)Puma Punku (highland of Bolivia)(Peru) 
31) diorite a stone harder one level lower than diamond

space age spin
(tangible) evidence
harness electric
scietific (merit) top of the area plateau
various (disputed) (exponention) suggest
irrigation diggest
wide (bands),that look like air stripe
over valley
-------NAZCA_Giant metal bird god (cargo calls)-------(part2)
planetary (pitstop)
gigantic geroglyphs
the (ruble)
bone dry desert
let's just say hypothetically
artistic impulse
NAZCA lines are so (inhumanly vast)
that can only be admired by people who are capable to flight
spiritual (labyrinth)
spiritual  (totemic) object
to get kind of (epiphany) from that
tremendous speculation

-------Holy Bible The Old Testament----------
a question of (interpretation)
------Book of Ezekiel--------
He describes the whole thing as been (splendid) as in Gods
splendor of gods
glittering clothes
to (intervene) in human history
myth and (metaphore) and images to describe their experience of God
fundamental literalism
so important, so (compelled), so significant
why can't 
modern society come to (grips)

--------Cave of Italy------
depict figures dressed in strage attire from the times
witha halo around their heads
compelled them
on yes another (continent), in Guatemala City
we have a sculpture that looks (eerie) (reminescent) of modern day astronaut ====(32:07time)
rebreathing apparatus 

------Columbia aircraft-----
it has fixed wings
it has a fuselage
it has an upright tail fan
which is not (intrinsec) to nature
we are part of a cosmic hierarchy beings
other (proponents) of tese ancient astronaut theories

-------Pyramid of Palenque (Mayan) LORD PAKAL----------
before were (stumbled upon) by Spanish explorers 
seret tomb
(interpret) the carving a (vastly) diffrent way 
incredible enchiseling
sitting on a capsule
the (heel) of his left foot is on kind of (pedal) 
(casual) visitor 
Althought the (sarcohagous) it's off limit's
rocket (exhaust)

------------Piri Reis (the world map)---------
we did not have ground-penetration radar until to 1958

--------Pyramid Giza----------(42:06 time frame)
little interplanetary help
two and half million (limestone)
is not that much to really get a good (grasp) on what there is.. ginat block of stone
(basalt) block
(stack) them up together
those number just (adapt) 
(levitating) the blocks with some kind of sound system
and a (ramp) that has to be almost two mile long
is that they are so finely (aligned)
build (granite) and marble areas
dictated by the guardian of the sky 
the pyramids are the only ancient monuments, that continue to (bafle) scientists and archaeologists

---------Puma Pumku (believe built by Aymara Indians)--------
asif (ripped) apart by some sort of great force

perfectly (interlocked)
but with the nearest (quarry)
(colossal) stones
stone age (chisels)
most (intriguing)
(granite and diorite)
that (degrades) and decays
so we see moulderless structures

Erik Von Daniken :swiss author = chariots of the gods
Frank Herbert Dune